Patient Rights Under Florida Transparency Act of 2016

Services may be provided in this facility by the facility as well as by other health care providers who may separately bill the patient. Those separate health care providers may or may be out of network with your insurance. Patients and prospective patients should contact each health care provider who will provide services in the facility to determine the foregoing.

For patients who may require an overnight stay at a nearby hospital following surgery, our facility has a transfer agreement with the following hospital:

Florida Medical Center
5000 West Oakland Park Bled
Fort Lauderdale FL 33313
Fax: 954-510-9565

Providers who will bill separately if they provide you with health care services in this surgery center include an anesthesia provider who delivers anesthesia services to you at the facility and a pathology provider and laboratory which will analyze tissue your physician may require be sent to the laboratory to diagnose your condition.

You can contact the facility’s anesthesia providers about whether they participate in your health plan. The anesthesia providers are:

Prestige Anesthesia Group, LLC
5944 Coral Ridge Drive #170
Coral Springs, FL 33076

We may be required to send tissue for analysis by a pathology lab contracted with your health plan. Your insurer’s provider network information may include the pathology lab in the insurer’s network of providers. You may want to check with your insurer. Or, you can contact the laboratory directly about whether they participate in your health plan.

Estimate of Charges

Patient or prospective patients may request from this facility and other health care providers an estimate of charges prior to receiving services. We will respond to you within seven days of your request.

Our estimate will be based upon the procedure your physician tells us that he or she plans to perform and the insurance information that you provide to us. We normally will contact your insurer to learn of your eligibility for the procedure and will then base our estimate upon what the insurer tells us about the payment they will make for the procedure. The procedure your physician actually performs may differ from the initial one planned based upon your medical condition at the time of the procedure. Since we cannot forecast the change, the estimate will be based upon the planned procedure as scheduled by your physician.

395.301 Price transparency; itemized patient statement or bill; patient admission status notification.

(1) A facility licensed under this chapter shall provide timely and accurate financial information and quality of service measures to patients and prospective patients of the facility, or to patients’ survivors or legal guardians, as appropriate. Such information shall be provided in accordance with this section and rules adopted by the agency pursuant to this chapter and s. 408.05. Licensed facilities operating exclusively as state facilities are exempt from this subsection.

(a) Each licensed facility shall make available to the public on its website information on payments made to that facility for defined bundles of services and procedures. The payment data must be presented and searchable in accordance with, and through a hyperlink to, the system established by the agency and its vendor using the descriptive service bundles developed under s.408.05 (3)(c). At a minimum, the facility shall provide the estimated average payment received from all payors, excluding Medicaid and Medicare, for the descriptive service bundles available at that facility and the estimated payment range for such bundles. Using plain language, comprehensible to an ordinary layperson, the facility must disclose that the information on average payments and the payment ranges is an estimate of costs that may be incurred by the patient or prospective patient and that actual costs will be based on the services actually provided to the patient.