Ambulatory Surgical Centers of Broward is an ambulatory surgical center that was developed by our partners and physician owners. Our unique ASC business model provides physicians with an opportunity for ownership with our facility. With the recent addition of CMS-approved outpatient cardiovascular process, we are poised for success in one of the fastest-growing outpatient specialties.

An estimated 10% of cardiovascular procedures were done at ASCs in 2018, the last year for which figures are available. That number is expected to rise to between 30% and 35% by the mid-2020s. This represents an annual growth rate of approximately 20%.(1) 

(1) Biesen and Johnson, Ambulatory Surgery Center Growth Accelerates: Is Medtech Ready? Bain & Company, bain.com, 9/2019.

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Ambulatory Surgical Centers of Broward physicians will be among the first in the country to have regular access to the Corindus CorPath GRX system, the most advanced cardiovascular robotic technology for percutaneous coronary and peripheral vascular interventions.

CorPath GRX is a second-generation robotic-assisted system with proven success in over 5000 cases in more than 50 cardiovascular programs worldwide.  


  • Procedural control: Robotic-assisted control of coronary guide catheters and guidewires and rapid exchange of catheters.
  • Robotic precision: Sub-millimeter measurement and 1 mm movement to position stents exactly where you need them. 
  • Improved workflow: Extended-reach arm for radial access and redesigned bedside unit with touchscreen for ease of use. 
  • Protection: Radiation protection for the physician and potential to reduce radiation exposure for staff and patients. 
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Ambulatory Surgical Centers of Broward is a state-of-the-art facility utilizing the most modern equipment. As a CVSS physician, you will work with the most cutting-edge, high-precision robotic system available. As the first ASC in the entire country to offer both the Abbott Ensite™ Cardiac Mapping System and the Corindus CorPath® GRX System, we combine the finest technology available with an efficient environment and ideal working conditions, and we put it all in your hands. 

Join us and find out what it means to have the tools you need to give your patients your very best.

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