Making Arrangements

Please contact the facility prior to surgery to make financial arrangements, ask any questions you may have and to be sure you are pre-admitted. In most cases, we should be able to estimate the cost of surgery beforehand. Our staff will also help you finalize your financial/payment arrangements prior to surgery.


Billing for the facility and physician(s) are separate. The surgery center charges include use of the operating room, equipment and supplies for surgery. You will be billed separately for the services of your surgeon, anesthesiologist or other provider (if applicable).


We accept most commercial insurances, Medicare and Worker’s Compensation.


Uninsured and cash patients will be required to pay the facility fee for service prior to the delivery of care. For patients with insurance, your plan benefits will be verified, and you will then be notified of your financial responsibility per the information provided by your carrier. As a courtesy to our patients, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, debit cards and Care Credit.

The benefit information provided prior to the delivery of care is considered to be only an estimate. Once your insurance company has been billed for services, there may be an additional balance due which is your responsibility. You will be billed for any additional fees that may be listed a patient responsibility by your carrier and prompt payment is expected. The facilities reserve the right to accept or decline patients on an individual bases in regard to financial agreements.

Information on Payments / Financial Assistance

We can provide you information on financial assistance programs. Certain service providers (such as Anesthesiologists or laboratories) bill for their services separately from the surgery center and may offer their own financial assistance program—please contact them for further information regarding their services.

Payment Plans

Each patient is expected to pay his/her estimated financial liability on or before the day of service. In the event a patient is unable to pay the estimated liability in full, our surgery center may, but is not obligated to, offer a short-term repayment schedule after a minimum down payment is made. For an extended repayment schedule, a patient will need to secure financing with an outside source. Please contact us for further information.


A patient receiving treatment at our surgery center under insurance with which our facility is out of network may be eligible to receive an adjustment to their assigned out of network patient liability, assuming our facility is not prohibited from offering Out of Network adjustments under state/Federal laws or your insurance company’s provisions. If not prohibited, the application of any out of network discount is subject to vary based on a patient’s benefit coverage. Accounts which become delinquent may have the adjustment disallowed.

Collection Procedures

As a courtesy to our patients, we will file an insurance claim on behalf of the patient to his/her insurance plan. A patient is expected to respond to his/her insurance plan’s request for information timely, as needed, in order to minimize claims processing delays. Patients are expected to comply with their financial obligations in a timely manner including paying the estimated portion by the day services are received, and any remaining portion upon finalization of the claim by the payer. Further, patients are expected to remit any payments made directly to them (as opposed to the facility directly) from out of network insurers. The facility will attempt to reach a patient by any method available to us to secure payment on any outstanding balance utilizing internal and external resources. If the account becomes delinquent, it may be placed with a collection’s agency or attorney for collection. In that case, the patient may also become liable for all costs and fees expended on collection attempts.